We are pleased to announce VLIP Co-Manager, Koyali Burman, is joining the National LIP Secretariat (NLS) as an Executive Member.

The National LIP Secretariat (NLS) is a federally supported project focused on enhancing LIP communication and collaboration across Canada and augmenting LIP voices at relevant stakeholder tables. The NLS mandate includes improving the settlement and integration outcomes of newcomers by working with LIPs to facilitate sustainable networks of relevant information, data, and best practices, augment the voices of local LIPs at national decision-making tables, look for opportunities to leverage traction and scale up local initiatives, and collaborate laterally with government and non-government stakeholders to leverage the work of LIPs more effectively.

The Executive committee of LIP National Secretariat will provide strategic direction, oversight and representation for the NLS Project.
  • Active involvement in and support of NLS activities, including promoting the NLS among LIPs and external stakeholders and representing the NLS at various tables when required.
  • The creation and oversight of the NLS strategic plan and annual approval of Action Plans.
In addition to its Primary Mandate, the NLS Executive Committee will also support the work of the NLS staff through:
  • Helping to identify emerging issues of relevance to newcomers/LIPs across Canada and supporting NLS efforts to address such issues.
  • Supporting the NLS’ coordination and implementation of select initiatives.
  • Supporting the NLS’ sharing of information with LIPs across Canada
  • Supporting any project or other evaluations conducted by the NLSVLIP will play a leading role in this national initiative.
VLIP will play a leading role in this national initiative, and is looking forward to collaborating with LIPS locally and nationally in order to achieve progress and results on NLS projects.


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