World Refugee Day Recap

#WorldRefugeeDay recognizes people around the world who are forced to leave their homes and communities behind in search of a better life, free of violence.

Since 1980, Canada has welcomed one million refugees, and continues to invest in infrastructure and services to support and welcome newcomers to Canada.

The nature of our organization, as a Local Immigration Partnership is to bring together service providers, settlement agencies, and other key organizations and employers across our municipality to create a welcoming and inclusive community for newcomers, including refugees.

From 12-2PM on Monday June 20th, the smells of good food, and the sounds of music, laughter, and good conversation flowed from Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House as MPNH, MAPBC and VLIP partnered with the City of Vancouver to host a celebration in honour of the refugees of the world. 

Guest speakers Khatira Daryabi, Çağri Koçyiğit, Sara Lopez, and Maya Mojtahed honoured us by sharing their stories with us. Musicians Anas Al Hassan, Sharif Aljoani, and Ibrahim Saker kept the vibe in the crowd lively with their live music performances. 

Musician Sharif Aljoani plays an upbeat tune on the keyboard as singer Anas Al Hassan serenades the audience at the World Refugee Day Celebration.

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