A Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is a collaborative initiative designed to facilitate the successful settlement and integration of newcomers in a specific region or locality within a country. LIPs are typically established in regions with significant immigrant populations and are driven by the recognition that successful integration of newcomers benefits both the newcomers themselves and the broader community.

According to the LIP National Secretariat website, a Canadian network of Local Immigration Partnerships, "LIPs and ZIPs vary in size and organization. Some are housed within municipalities while others are community based. In other instances, it can be a combination of the two or a consortium of partners. For example, Canada’s largest city has four community based LIPs each within a consortium that support assigned catchments as well as a municipal LIP that operates city-wide. Comparatively, ZIPs go beyond local jurisdictions to cover larger geographical boundaries of zones based on population, availability of stakeholders and funding resources. Staffing compliments are not standardized."

Check out a full list of all the LIPs in BC here.

Vancouver Local Immigration Partnerships Home Page

The main objectives of a Local Immigration Partnership are as follows:

➡️ Coordination and Collaboration: LIPs bring together various stakeholders, including government agencies, settlement service providers, community organizations, employers, educational institutions, and immigrants themselves. By fostering collaboration and coordination among these stakeholders, LIPs aim to address the unique needs and challenges of newcomers effectively.

➡️ Needs Assessment: LIPs conduct thorough assessments to understand the specific needs and barriers faced by immigrants settling in the local area. These assessments help identify gaps in services and resources and guide the development of targeted programs and interventions.

➡️ Service Delivery: Based on the needs assessment, LIPs work to develop and deliver a range of programs and services that cater to the diverse needs of newcomers. These services can include language training, employment support, housing assistance, access to healthcare, educational resources, and cultural orientation.

➡️ Information and Referral: LIPs act as a central hub for information on settlement services and resources available in the local area. They help newcomers navigate the various systems and connect them to the appropriate services and programs.

➡️ Community Engagement: LIPs encourage engagement between newcomers and the broader community. By promoting cross-cultural understanding and dialogue, LIPs seek to build welcoming and inclusive communities.

➡️ Advocacy and Policy Influence: LIPs may advocate for changes in local policies and practices that can improve the settlement and integration experiences of newcomers. They work with local governments and institutions to create a more supportive environment for immigrants.

➡️ Monitoring and Evaluation: LIPs monitor the effectiveness of their programs and initiatives to ensure that they are making a positive impact. Evaluation helps to refine strategies and allocate resources more efficiently.

The funding and structure of LIPs can vary depending on the country and region. You can read more about Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership's structure here

In some cases, LIPs may be initiated and funded by the government, while in others, they may be community-driven initiatives supported by various stakeholders. In Vancouver, the Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and co-managed by South Vancouver Neighbourhood House and Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House.

By fostering collaboration, addressing the specific needs of newcomers, and promoting integration, Local Immigration Partnerships play a vital role in ensuring that immigrants can successfully settle and contribute to the social and economic life of their new communities.

Read more about the ways Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership supports the community through our Mission, Vision and Core Values, here.

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